• Personal and financial interests
  • Make investment decisions
  • Pay your mortgage and taxes

Expert advice in power of attorney documents in Werribee

Joint power of attorney

You can have more than one person in charge of your personal or business decisions if you wish. However, you need to be aware that if a joint decision cannot be agreed, your attorneys will have to resolve disagreements in court.

Make sure you have a healthy balance such as an accountant and a close friend or relative, so you can ensure that both your personal and financial interests are respected. For further information and expert advice, please get in touch. 

When the unexpected happens you need to know that you have someone responsible for making financial and personal decisions on your behalf. It could be that you are in ill health, facing death or are going away for some time and won’t be around to make important decisions. In these circumstances, power of attorney documents are usually completed, allowing one or more people to make decisions with your permission.

A power of attorney can give permission to

  • Use your bank account
  • Sell a property that you own
  • Run your business
  • Pay your expenses
  • Make investment decisions
  • Pay your mortgage and taxes
The choice is yours as to what you make your attorney responsible for and for how long you want them to have power. We will help you legally file your power of attorney documents and keep you and your assets protected.

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